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Chris Bosh Enjoys A Champagne Shower After Winning 2012 NBA Finals

Chris Bosh is often the forgotten member of the Big Three on the Miami Heat.  The Heat took out the rising Oklahoma City Thunder in five games to win the 2012 NBA Finals.  Everyone decided to get in on the celebration with champagne and Bosh apparently loved it.

That picture is extremely scary and there about 1000 inappropriate jokes that I can make about.  Chris Bosh is often made fun often, but you can not hate on how happy he is for winning his first title.  Well, you can hate on that photo a little bit because that looks like he is going to show up in nightmares.

I am sure that this photo is going to inspire a lot of new jokes about Chris Bosh.  It is not like we need a lot of material on Bosh, but this photo might be the best thing to ever happen.  He just loves that bath too much.  Something about it is just way over the top.  I understand that winning a title is great, but you might want to rein it in just a bit.

Chris Bosh is a champion though and that is all that matters.  He came back from injury to help the team bounce back when their backs were against the wall.  He put up a double double in the Finals and was a big part of all four of their wins.  He may fly under the radar but you can not deny how passionate he is.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.