LeBron James: Top 5 Moments On Road To Championship (Video)

LeBron James finally did it. The king has his ring and the critics have been silenced. It’s unbelievable how he channelled out all the hatred and negativity and played with such a fire and passion. I’m not sure if Michael Jordan would have been able to stop him. There is no doubt he earned this title after many years of failing to do so, and should now be considered the unanimous pick as the league’s best player if he wasn’t already.

LeBron displayed many signs of maturity throughout these playoffs. En route to his first NBA finals victory, LeBron put on a phenomenal show. This is just the beginning of his legacy, and he should be able to win multiple titles when it’s all said and done. Let’s take a look at the top 5 moments along his journey to the ring.

5. LeBron closes game 2 of the finals 


People that said LeBron wasn’t clutch had to eat there words after this one. LeBron hit an unbelievable bank shot and two massive free throws to close out the Thunder and shift the momentum of the series. If the Heat lost this game, they would have been down 2-0 and in much more trouble.

4. LeBron bails out Heat in game 4 against Pacers 


40 points, 18 rebounds, 9 assists. Are you kidding me? When the Pacers took a 2-1 series lead, LeBron responded with a game that he knew the Pacers wouldn’t be able to match.

3. LeBron hits clutch three with leg cramps 


After LeBron left the floor due to leg cramps, he came back on and sunk a massive three to close the game and put the Thunder in a 3-1 hole. Unbelievable.

2. LeBron posts massive triple double in closeout game


Despite being less than 100% with leg cramps, LeBron knew he couldn’t let his team lose this one and head back to OKC. He put on a show in front of his home crowd and won it in Miami with a phenomenal performance.

1. LeBron rips Celtics in legendary performance in game 6 of ECF 


LeBron delivered in the biggest game of his career.  Down 3-2 to his rival Boston Celtics, LeBron responded with 45-15-5 game and single handedly won the Heat the game.

LeBron put on a phenomenal performance this playoffs and stepped up when his team needed him the most. Despite losing Chris Bosh, facing elimination to the Celtics, and being heavily criticized and favoured to lose the finals, LeBron put everything aside and let his game do the talking. This was incredible to watch and LeBron was right: ‘It’s about damn time’.

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