NBA Rumors: Jason Kidd Could Land In New York

By Ryan Gaydos

With the NBA Finals over, NBA rumors will begin appearing quicker than ever. Questions in New York that pertain to the Knicks‘ point guard situation and bench situation will be answered in the weeks to come. With Jeremy Lin and Steve Novak quite possibly heading back to the Big Apple next season, veteran free agent point guard Jason Kidd could be on his way to New York to mentor the young Lin.

Kidd has expressed his willingness to sign with the Knicks and even re-sign with the Brooklyn Nets, who he played with from 2001-2008 before being traded to the Dallas Mavericks in a package deal that season Devin Harris to New Jersey. Kidd stated that he believes that the Knicks and even the Nets could be potential winners in the near future. Tyson Chandler would definitely be a big factor in Kidd’s chances to land in New York.

Kidd is among another veteran NBA point guard that had expressed interest in joining the New York Knicks for the 2012-13 season and beyond. Steve Nash is another name in there that might be more favorable than Kidd. But even if Nash is favorited more than Kidd, Kidd would be easier to sign for a shorter period of time and less money.

The Chicago Bulls and the Mavericks are also on the list of Kidd’s possible choices. If Kidd does agree to sign with the Knicks, he will most likely start over Lin in any situation and if he lands somewhere with Nash, you could see him on the bench there but not in New York.

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