Zhejiang Golden Bulls Claim JR Smith Missed 80 Practices Over 4 Month Period

By Riley Schmitt

JR Smith and his adventure in China certainly made a lot of people talk.  JR is suing the Zhejiang Golden Bulls for withholding a million dollars of his pay.  However, the Golden Bulls say JR skipped 80 practices in a time period of four months.

Well, that would certainly be a reason to have your money withheld.  I am not sure that JR Smith is going to get his money from his former team.  He did cause a lot of trouble while in China, which makes it seem dubious about his claims for this money.  I would not be shocked if he actually did skip 80 practices in his time in China.

A FIBA arbitrator will hear the case next week and I am sure that will be an interesting one.  One side, you have JR Smith, the American star who claims he was treated unfairly.  On the other side, you have a Chinese team who claims JR skipped multiple practices and he failed to send his possibly crazy sister home after she kept starting fights.

The life of JR Smith is never boring, I will say that.  It will be interesting to see what team he lands on next year.  He has the ability to be a great scorer and outside shooter, but he can also be a black hole on offense and his defense is questionable.  You never know which JR is going to show up.  You just might end up with the one who skips a lot of practice.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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