Boston Celtics Danny Ainge Makes Promise To Draft Pick?

The rumor mill for the NBA draft is swirling and the Boston Celtics have been linked to athletic, but troubled Iowa State big man Royce White. There are reports that Boston Celtics President Danny Ainge has promised to draft Royce with the 21st pick should he be there. There are other reports calling this report absurd. My money is with the absurd vote on this ridiculous rumor.

The fact is history tells us that Danny AInge never makes this kind of move. Ainge has never been a guy that makes guarantees to anyone. This is a guy that never once guaranteed that he would not trade any of his aging super stars or even a possible future centerpiece like Rajon Rondo. Now all of a sudden Ainge has a rookie that has done nothing in the NBA and yet he is willing to guarantee this guy something when he does not have to even open his mouth about it? Ainge can just keep his mouth shut and draft him under the radar. Wh would he announce that he wants this kid and draw attention to Royce and possibly lose out? Promising this kid he would take him just does not make any sense.

However, just because the report is absurd does not mean that Royce would not look real great in green. The Boston Celtics clearly could use an athletic big man to team with Rajon Rondo. Any time you can get a guy with size that played at a major college, led his team in every major statistical category, and is absurdly athletic at pick 21 then you are very lucky. I do believe Boston is clearly interested with this value pick this late in the draft.

The problem is Royce has issues and that is why he would fall this far down in the draft to the Boston Celtics. This is a guy with a slight mental disorder ( not as bad as Delonte West so relax), had trouble with the law (stealing at college not once, but twice), and lacks the desire to play defense at times. The good news is Boston has Doc Rivers and this means that the Celtics should be able to get the most out of this talent as Rivers has always taken care and got the most out of even the most troubled players. Should Kevin Garnett come back to mentor this kid, the sky would be the limit for White.

The bottom line is someone saw Boston was interested in White and took it to another level. Maybe AInge made a comment like if you are around at 21 it would be real hard for us to pass on you and people read into it what they wanted to. However, if Ainge made this rumor true many Celtics fans should be very happy. Remember Go Green or Go Home!!!!!!