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Boston Celtics Getting Roy Hibbert Is A Pipe Dream

The Boston Celtics have a lot of money freed up for this coming off season. Boston also has a clear need for an athletic big man. The team was terrible at rebounding and they need someone to either augment or replace KG’s post presence. The prize of this year’s NBA free agent crop in that category is clearly Indiana Pacers big man Roy Hibbert. The restricted free agent is a tremendous low post presence that is a rebounding machine. I drool over the idea of KG and Hibbert controlling the paint defensively and then having Rajon Rondo finding him in the paint for easy finishes. I truly believe that Danny Ainge will make a run at him because he clearly would solve a lot of the Boston Celtics issues. The problem is this fantasy of Boston landing him is just that a fantasy. There is zero chance that this pipe dream will come to a reality.

The Indiana Pacers are not going to let this guy walk. They have the ability to match any offer and they most certainly will do just that. Centers that play like Hibbert are a very rare commodity and are a team’s center piece most of the time. Old friend Larry Bird has done a nice job putting together a solid young team and I cannot see him letting the centerpiece of this team walk away. One does not win NBA executive of the year letting something like this happen.

The other issue is there will be competition. Teams like the Dallas Mavericks are also going to look to add the services of this free agent big man. I am sure there will be warmer and more attractive destinations than Boston to entice Hibbert even if Indiana was foolish enough to let him walk.

Although I expect Danny Ainge to at least make a push for Hibbert, do not expect him to be leaving Indiana next season. Ainge is going to have look elsewhere to get a big man that is worth building around. i just hope he finds this guy for next season so Boston can truly make one more run for glory with this group. Remember Go Green or Go Home!!!!!!!