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NBA Rumors: Luol Deng On The Move To Golden State?

As summer heats up, NBA rumors are starting to heat up as well.

The Chicago Bulls, who have been in the midst of trade discussion whether it is involving Los Angeles Lakers forward Pau Gasol or it is current Bulls’ center Joakim Noah have a new rumor floating around them Sunday as it seems like forward Luol Deng could be headed west to the Golden State Warriors.

About the rumor, Deng said, “if it’s not true, a GM could always come out and say it’s not true. But if a GM doesn’t come out and say it, there are probably talks. And there should be. If I was a GM I would be shopping players around too. I’ve got to show that I’m doing something.”

The Bulls’ veteran swing man star seemed to be unaffected by the trade talks. Deng was going to be traded to the Warriors for the Warriors’ seventh pick of this year’s NBA Draft. Deng’s relationship with the Bulls’ organization ever since the team wanted him to sit out the upcoming Olympic Games to heal his wrist which plagued him this past season. Deng declined and will suit up for Great Britain.

The Bulls are hoping to get point guard Derrick Rose back this year and that is looking on the bright side of things. However, if the Bulls are going to compete with the Miami Heat in the playoffs, they need to get a franchise player other than Rose on their team for situations like the ones we saw in the 2012 NBA Playoffs when the Bulls dropped their opening series to the Philadelphia 76ers.

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