Boston Celtics Greg Stiemsma Is Primed For First Real Pay Day

By Rob Nelson

Boston Celtics free agent center Greg Stiemsma for once in his young career has a lot going for him. After showing the NBA world that he has a lot of potential, Greg is in line to cash in and get his first solid NBA contract. This is great news for a guy that has bounced around the D-League and Europe.

Although still a little raw, Stiemsma has proved that he can play solid defense in the paint and is a natural shot blocker. He also showed that he has a solid jump shot and moves surprising well without the ball to get open shots in the paint. Greg is also a student of the game that picked the brain of both his coaches and veterans like Kevin Garnett. Greg also is a hard worker that pushes his fellow players in practice.

The fact is there are few big men in the NBA anymore period. There are even fewer big men that can play even a little bit (Mikki Moore immediately comes to mind). This means Stiemsma’s services will be in demand by a lot of teams. Why would a team not want a guy like Greg to either be their team’s backup or add depth for a position that is just hard to come by? I just hope that his play did not have him heading out of Boston due to someone offering him more many than Danny Ainge can afford to give out and still fill the roster in the other important areas. Stiemsma could easily be gone and that could be a reason Ainge is looking at big men in this up coming draft. Stay tuned for more on Greg’s free agency. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!

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