Boston Celtics Kevin Garnett Gets The Grade

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Boston Celtics Center Kevin Garnett : A+

The Boston Celtics were one win away form beating the team the team that was handed…oops won the NBA title. The largest reason for that was the play of one Kevin Garnett. KG was once again the heart and soul of the team and the player that set the tone for this group. The tone that KG set for this team was never say die and fight no matter the circumstances. The team lost Jeff Green, Jermaine O’Neal, Chris Wilcox, Avery Bradley, and had serious injuries to Ray Allen and Paul Pierce and yet they kept fighting. They were a floundering team at under .500 at the all star break and KG held everyone accountable and made sure they all played to their potential in the second half. This attitude setting leadership alone is worth the high grade.

The great news is KG also turned back the clock on offense. After he moved to center, KG was able to exploit teams by being more athletic and having a great fifteen foot stroke. He also was a lot more assertive and looked for his offense the most since 2008. He wanted the ball in the post and showed off the moves that made him “The Big Ticket”. The result was he was averaging over 19 points a game after the all star break.

However, KG’s biggest asset on the court is his ability to play defense. No one is a better pick and roll defender and help defender than number five. KG seems to have the ability to be everywhere at once and lock down the paint. The amazing part is he still manages to make his own man work for shots despite being used as a help defender so many times on the defensive end. KG was also the only guy that could rebound on a team that was awful at rebounding. I shutter to think at how many more second chance points that the Celtics would have allowed without him in the middle.

The bottom line is if this is it for KG, he went out with a bang. However, after watching this season I cannot see him retiring. He just showed that he had too much left in the tank. One does not play A+ basketball and then walk away. I just hope we get to watch his last season or two in Boston after he decides to return. Remember Go Green or Go Home!!!!!!!