Juwan Howard Breaks Out The Cabbage Patch During Miami Heat Victory Celebration

By Riley Schmitt


Juwan Howard shocked many people by still playing professional basketball.  People remember Howard from the Fab Five and he paid homage to his time there during the Miami Heat victory parade on Monday.  Howard broke out the cabbage patch, which is something he did to celebrate a win in 1992.

That is how old Juwan Howard is.  He is celebrating a championship by doing something he did in 1992.  I was not even one year old at the time his originally cabbage patch took place.  That shows you how old Howard is.  He has been doing goofy dances after basketball related stuff for 20 years.

I expect that this is the last we will see of Juwan Howard.  He has his ring so there is no point in him sitting on the bench anymore.  He even got to play in a clinching Finals game.  There is nothing more that he can do in professional basketball, so it makes sense for him to hang it up.

Back to the cabbage dance for a second.  That move debuted in and around 1987.  That means Juwan Howard has been doing goofy things like this while his teammates were barely alive.  That is when you know it is time to hang it up.  Your teammates were barely alive for a dance from the 80s, yet you rock it at a championship parade in 2012.  I guess you have to admire Howard for breaking out a classic, even if it shows his age.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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