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Milwaukee Bucks Looking To Trade Up In NBA Draft

The Milwaukee Bucks will be looking at all options to trade up in the 2012 NBA Draft, which could mean dealing players that are fan favorites in order to do so.

I already wrote an article discussing how Brandon Jennings could be dealt in favor of Duke guard Austin Rivers, assuming he falls to the Bucks at the 12th spot or they move up to select him. Jennings has already stated he will test free agency when the time comes so it is important Milwaukee looks at all trade options before then.

The Bucks desperately need a big center that can not only play solid defense, but more importantly be a huge factor on offense. Milwaukee  already has two defensive shot blockers in Ekpe Udoh and Larry Sanders so they really do not need a defensive center. They need to draft someone that is able to hold position in the paint and score enough where the Bucks outside shooters can get open and sharp shoot.

The good news is this year is a deep draft but if Milwaukee wants to get a quality big man that is ready to play right away then they will need to move up. New Orleans Hornets, Charlotte Bobcats, Washington Wizards, and Cleveland Cavaliers are all shopping the first four picks but unfortunately, I do not believe Milwaukee has enough to move up that far. Those teams are looking to make big-time trades in order to acquire big-time players such as Dwight Howard or Deron Williams.

A team the Bucks could definitely make a deal with is the Golden State Warriors, someone they are already familiar trading with. Golden State has theseventh pick in the draft and would be willing to move back five spots for the right price.

After acquiring Andrew Bogut last season from the Bucks, they made a choice to go big and be aggressive. Considering they are looking for a small forward, a good addition to the aggressive style of basketball would be Luc Richard Mbah a Moute. The Warriors already have the scorers in place and all they need now is a solid defensive player, which is what Mbah a Moute specializes in. I believe packaging him and the 12th pick would be enough to move up to the seventh spot and select a talented offensive player with plenty of potential such as Andre Drummond out of Connecticut.

There is no question Milwaukee is going to make a move it is just a matter of who they are going to deal and when they are going to do it. General Manger John Hammond and head coach Scott Skiles are dangling by their last string which means if there was ever a time to pull the trigger it is now.