NBA Rumors: Chicago Bulls Tell Luol Deng He Will Not Be Traded To Golden State Warriors

In the newest round of NBA rumors, the Chicago Bulls have decided to stop some Luol Deng rumors before they get out of control.  The latest rumor had Deng being traded to the Golden State Warriors, but the Bulls have told Deng they will not trade him to California.

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Although the Warriors are out of the picture, I expect the Bulls will still try to move Deng before the NBA Draft.  He is the perfect player for the Bulls to move if they want to retool on the fly.  The deal that I have been hoping for would send Deng plus draft picks to the Sacramento Kings for Tyreke Evans and the fifth pick in the draft.  That deal makes a lot more sense for both teams.

This is what makes June and July so fun if you are a basketball fan.  There are new NBA rumors almost every single day.  A lot of teams are trying to fill holes on their roster while avoiding the luxury tax.  This means player movement is going to increase in the coming days until the draft..

I expect a lot of players to be traded leading up to Thursday.  Top 10 picks seem to be at a premium this draft so a lot of teams are trying to secure one of those picks.  There are a couple players that could become stars, so established veterans are simply becoming pieces to acquire one of those players.

Riley Schmitt is a featured writer for Rant Sports.

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