NBA Rumors: "Not A Chance" Dwight Howard Would Stay in Houston After Next Year

By Chris Shelton

he NBA rumor mill is riding the carousel again. Sources close to Dwight Howard say that he would not stick around with the Houston Rockets after next season if traded there.

Houston has emerged as a possible suitor for the gregarious big man. Reports say the Rockets are angling their two first round picks (14, 16) and their talented young players as trade bait to move earlier into the first round. The Rockets are looking to garner two top-10 first round picks then flip those in a possible trade for Dwight Howard.

It’s understandable that he doesn’t want to come to Houston. Not many free agents do. All along, Howard’s top destination has been the Brooklyn Nets where he would pair with Deron Williams and create a formidable twosome. The Nets also provide Howard with the market size necessary to make him the star that he wants to be.

Cities like Houston and Orlando are nice places to live but are not big enough for Howard’s personality.

Houston GM Daryl Morey knows that Howard does not want to stay in Houston but the benefits are astounding.

For one season, Houston would be relevant on the national scene.

The Rockets would be a playoff team. Perhaps a legitimate top three seed in the western conference even.

It would generate interest; the Rockets are a team whose attendance dropped heavily last season. Some of it is due to the lockout but most is a hesitance to support the same team. A team mired in mediocrity for the past three years.

Shipping off your assets for a rental is risky business. But it’s time the Rockets make a decision on their future.

If Howard stays, fine. The team has an anchor to build around. Morey is confident that he can get Howard to change his mind. Houston is a city that grows on you. It’s still a fat chance though.

If he leaves, the cupboard is barren. There are no more assets, just years of rebuilding. I guess that is the best of bad options though. Standing pat with the team as currently constructed is not a good plan.

The franchise will continue to be mired in mediocrity if they don’t roll the dice on Howard. It’s their best chance to compete.


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