NBA Rumors: Ray Allen Could Join The Miami Heat

Tis the season for NBA rumors.  The latest one involves the Miami Heat and a former member of their biggest rival.  Rumors are floating around that former Boston Celtics guard Ray Allen could join the Heat in the offseason.  This would give the team another shooter, especially if Mike Miller rides off into the sunset.

According to multiple league sources, there is mutual interest between Allen and the Heat. The most the Heat can offer is a contract starting at $3 million per year, which is known as the “taxpayer’s mid-level.” Allen could get more elsewhere, but the Heat do offer an attractive portfolio that goes deeper than cash.

Well, that would certainly be an interesting rumor.  I would expect that Allen is going to have a lot of offers out there and ones that could offer him a lot more money.  Ray Ray already has a ring so it depends on how bad he wants to chase another one.  If he wants to remain a starter, the Heat might not be the best for him.

However, if the Heat do add him, that would be a big move for the team.  It would probably make them a bigger favorite than they already are.  That is how good of a shooter that Allen is.  The rumors around him are going to be flying fast and furious.

This is what makes NBA rumors so great.  They could turn a defending champion into an even more deadly team.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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