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Boston Celtics Free Agent Ray Allen Rumors Are Bogus

The NBA rumor mill is again in full swing regarding Boston Celtics free agent Ray Allen. The talks are heating (no pun intended) up with the Ray Allen and the Miami Heat having mutual interest in each other. This rumor makes sense in a few regards. Ray can no longer create his own shot like he used to and playing with Dwayne Wade and LeBron James will make it very easy for the all time three point king to get open shots. Ray would prefer to stay on the East coast with his family (sorry Clipper fans) and Miami fits that bill. The lure of possibly playing for a title is also nice for Ray. The Heat could also use a more reliable shooter off the bench and Ray is clearly still a marksman. However, despite these facts that people are putting together to have Ray landing in South Beach, Ray is not landing in Miami. The move just makes zero sense in too many other important areas.

The first fact is that Miami can not offer Ray Allen more than the mini mid level exception. The rumor of cutting Mike Miller still would have Miami over the cap and without a way to offer more cash. Say it is not about the money all you want because Ray has made enough, but it is a pride issue with players. No one has more pride than Ray Allen. This fact means that when Boston which can and will offer a lot more than than mini mid level exception does this, he will remain a Celtic rather join the Heat.

The other issue is Dwayne Wade. One of the alleged issues with Ray staying in Boston is that he wants to start. There is zero chance that he is a starter in Miami. Dwayne Wade is not playing point guard and neither is LeBron. Mario Chalmers earned a starting role with this team. This means that Ray is not going to be in the starting lineup for the Heat.

People that believe this rumor are basically saying that a prideful veteran like Ray Allen is going to take a pay cut to come off the bench. Ray can go to another title contender and make more money and get a shot at a starting gig. He could also stay in Boston where he is comfortable and make more money than Miami and have a shot at contending with a coach that he loves that he also knows will give him the minutes he craves despite not starting. This means Ray is not taking his talents to South Beach. Remember Go Green or Go Home!!!!!!