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Probable First Pick Anthony Davis Shoots Random Objects With Jimmy Fallon

Anthony Davis is probably going to be the first pick in the 2012 NBA Draft unless he gets trapped under something before Thursday. Monday night, he stopped by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and took turns shooting random objects with Jimmy.

See, that is why people think Davis is going to be the first pick.  He shows versatility that not a lot of players have.  Needed a bowl of Mardi Gras beads shot through a basket?  AD has your back.  Did you think it was impossible to shoot a Chicago style hot dog? Davis laughs at your doubts.  That is why he is so great.  Nothing is impossible to him.

In all honesty, I think Davis is going to be a favorite of every basketball fan.  The kid simply gets it.  He is amazing on defense and does not demand the ball on offense.  Whatever needs to be done to get a win, he will do it.  Not a lot of young players have that mindset these days.  It is a shame, but too many players are coddled and never work to get better.  Davis is certainly not one of those guys.

The Draft is on Thursday and Davis should be called up on the stage first.  He is the best player in the draft and his going to have a big impact.  He certainly has the late show rounds down.  Plus, he is not afraid to do anything that might be a bit weird.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.