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2012 NBA Mock Draft Pick 10 New Orleans Hornets: Andre Drummond

New Orleans Pick 10 -Andre Drummond

I truly believe that New Orleans would be very fortunate to land the UConn big man in the 2012 NBA Draft. I do not believe that he will fall to ten, but if he is there then New Orleans will pounce. Other than the guy New Orleans is already drafting with the first pick in Anthony Davis, no other big man has more upside than Andre Drummond. Drummond has size, speed, athleticism, and solid instincts. His talents are solid. He can run the floor well for a big man. He has great rebounding instincts. He is raw, but his athleticism and instincts will allow him to score in the post. He can defend one on one due to size and instincts, but can he learn to help defend quickly?. 

Once he gets used to playing in the NBA, a front court of Davis and Drummond would be scary at both ends of the floor with not many teams having the ability to match up with that kind of skilled size. They could also attract a premier point guard with that kind of talent to dish to as well as shooters to surround these guys.

Drummond is going to take time to develop, but the New Orleans Hornets are in no rush. Drummond is going to need to learn to play in the post in a tougher than college NBA. They can let this guy develop his offensive skills in the post and learn how to play an NBA defense. The best part is with Anthony Davis on board, Drummond will not feel the usual pressure of a guy with his potential his first few years. The bottom line is if Drummond slides New Orleans has the chance to get real dominant in a real short amount of time.