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NBA 2012 Rant Sports Mock Draft: Pick Number One Anthony Davis Is No Brainer

Imagine you are an NBA Executive with the first overall pick in the 2012 NBA draft. Among the perspective draft class members is a guy that is 6 ft 10 in height and 220 weight with a large wing span. This guy is freakishly athletic with great instincts at both ends of the floor. He can score in the paint, has a solid jump shot, and can get to the basket at will. This man can also defend one on one, help defend, block shots, and rebound. His work ethic is not in question and he has a high desire to learn his craft. The young man has already tasted success with an NCAA National title this past season and appears to be hungry for more. This guy has been compared to both Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan. Is there any way you do not take this guy without he first pick? The answer is no and that is why Kentucky power forward Anthony Davis will be the first overall pick by the New Orleans Hornets.

Davis is going to be a great player in this league. Will he be KG or Duncan, I do not know. I believe that is an unfair comparison for a guy that has never even stepped foot on an NBA floor, but Davis has that kind of skill set that cloud make him an elite player. The man has skills, but it his motor that will make him special. He can do a lot on the floor already and will only get better with experience due to his work ethic. This guy wants to dominate and will work at it. 

The bottom line is this pick is a no brainer. New Orleans will select a guy that can be a franchise cornerstone for at least the next five odd years and hopefully longer. Davis will come in as the favorite for rookie of the year and should win that award. New Orleans get used to seeing that famous unibrow of Davis because he is going to be seen and heard from for a long time after this NBA draft.