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NBA Rumors: Brooklyn Nets Attempting To Acquire Lottery Pick To Trade For Dwight Howard

With the 2012 NBA Draft right around the corner, the NBA rumor mill is in full drive and speculation continues to build up. The latest rumor involves the Brooklyn Nets in yet another desperate attempt to lure in Dwight Howard, thus bringing back Deron Williams and giving them a top tier duo.

The Nets new plan is to try and acquire a lottery pick and draft Thomas Robinson, whom the Orlando Magic are apparently very fond of.

However, I don’t see the Nets putting together a strong enough package to acquire Robinson, who will likely be the second overall pick. The Charlotte Bobcats, owners of the second pick, will likely want a hefty package for Robinson. It doesn’t help that the Nets don’t have any draft picks this year, and their two best players are unrestricted free agents.

There is some reason for optimism, as the Bobcats have made it clear that the pick is available for taking if the price is right. The Nets can offer future first round picks and possibly Brook Lopez for Robinson, but would Robinson be enough by himself for Howard?

Regardless, these next couple of days will certainly be interesting and as things start to pick up, more information will be available. Stay tuned.

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