NBA Rumors: Los Angeles Clippers Attempting To Trade For Lamar Odom

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The latest NBA rumors involved Lamar Odom and his interesting divorce from the Dallas Mavericks.  The latest rumor has the Los Angeles Clippers attempting to trade for him.  Odom started his career for with Clippers before moving on to different teams.

Of course, this deal is not straight forward.  The Dallas Mavericks want a third team to take on the contract of Mo Williams, because they want to preserve their cap space.  Three team deals a lot trickier than straight up ones, so this deal may not get done.  The Mavs have to buyout Odom’s contract by Friday so they are hoping to get something done fast.

I think Odom can succeed with the Clippers.  He needs to be near a beach for whatever reason.  If you can get him on either coast, he suddenly looks amazing.  Maybe he is a baby in that way, but that is just how it goes.  Plus, he’d be back in LA so he can do all sorts of celebrity stuff with his wife.  Fun for everyone.

This batch of NBA rumors is probably not going to come true.  That Williams contract is not a fun one to take and Odom and his people might try to find a different team.  With more rumors coming in every hour, this one might get discarded.  However, there should be better ones out there for the basketball fan in all of us.  Who doesn’t love trades at this time of year?

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.