2012 NBA Draft: Charlotte Bobcats Should Take Kansas Forward Thomas Robinson

By Paul Troupe

From the greatest to the worst, oh how the mighty have fallen. Michael Jordan has been one of the best players of all time (we won’t enter that debate at this time), but now, he and his team, the Charlotte Bobcats, have become the laughingstock of the NBA. Now, with the second pick in the 2012 NBA Draft, the Bobcats have a chance to continue the rebuilding process.

The roster is made up of a bunch of NBA players who would probably be coming off the bench on their respective teams. Thomas Robinson could come in immediately and make an impact for a team needing impact players.

Many would ask why not Harrison Barnes, Bradley Beal, or Michael Kidd-Gilchrist? To that, I’d have to say because Robinson is more polished overall as a player, and a little bit bigger.

Robinson is also two years older than MKG, and has spent more time honing his game at the college level. The Bobcats need impact players who they know are going to produce from day one, not two or three years from now.

Already having D.J. Augustin, Gerald Henderson and Kemba Walker, the Bobcats have a solid backcourt. Robinson coming in would be an immediate upgrade over D.J. White, Tyrus Thomas, or Bismack Biyombo in the front court.

With this pick, the Bobcats starting five would be Walker,  Henderson, Corey Maggette, Thomas Robinson, and either Byron Mullens or Biyombo.

It is not the greatest starting line up ever, but it would be a good start. The Bobcats could desperately use a small forward with their second round pick. Maggette has lost a step, and the Bobcats need to a ferocious defender who can also score. With Robinson as their first pick, however, they would be on their way to a start that cannot possibly be worse than their seven win season last year.

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