2012 NBA Draft: New York Knicks Draft Grade

By Ryan Gaydos

The 2012 NBA Draft was a quiet one for the two local teams, the Brooklyn Nets and the New York Knicks, who both had picks in the second round of the draft. With the 48th pick of the draft, the Knicks selected Kostas Papanikolaou, an international player from Greece.

I may not be the only one that has never heard of Papanikolaou. However, it seems like he could be a player similar to the likes of Danilo Galinari. Papanikolaou in highlights that you can look up on Youtube, Papanikolaou shows a lot of athleticism and can definitely can get up to dunk the ball. For Knicks fans to respect him Papanikolaou will have to bring his A game and be a supplement to a team that has the potential to make a run in the playoffs if everyone could mesh together.

The problem with the Knicks picking Papanikolaou is that he still has two years left on his contract with Olympiakos and with Scott Machado and Darius Odom-Johnson still on the board at that time, the Knicks did not have to waste a pick and it could be even more likely that the Knicks sign either of them come early to late July.

With all in perspective, the Knicks will get a D- grade for their pick. Papanikolaou will more than likely not play come next season and could end up being another Frederic Weis-type player and never even step foot onto an NBA court. We will see but Papanikolaou is a very skeptical pick.

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