2012 NBA Draft: Steals And Reaches From First Round

By Riley Schmitt

The first round of the 2012 NBA Draft is complete, which means it is time for some analyzing.  After looking through all the picks, I determined some steals and reaches the teams made throughout the round.


Andre Drummond:  The Detroit Pistons took him at nine and get to pair him with Greg Monroe in the front court.  Still has big bust potential, but I like him a lot better at nine than I would at a top five pick.

Tyler Zeller:  Although they gave up way too much for him, I like the Cleveland Cavaliers trading up for a legit seven footer.  Getting Zeller at 17 is a steal and he is going to have a long career.

Jared Sullinger:  TheBoston Celtics may have gotten the steal of the draft at pick 21.  Sully is a lottery talent and if the Celtics think his back is fine, he’s going to be a good one.

Troy Wroten:  Easily could have gone seven spots higher or so, but the Memphis Grizzlies will love him.  Can do almost everything on a court, but needs to learn how to shoot.

Perry Jones III:  The Oklahoma City Thunder getting Jones with pick number 28 is just highway robbery.  He could easily have top ten or top five talent.  The rich just get richer.


Dion Waiters:  I get that the Cavs liked Waiters, but taking him at four is just too high for comfort.  Could have traded down a couple of spots and still picked up a guy.  Remember that Waiters did not start in college.

Terrence Ross:  The Toronto Raptors have another weird move as they take a guy that is very similar to players on their roster.  Not a good move in my book.

Fab Melo:  Total boom or bust pick by the Celtics.  I think 22 is too high for him, but they think they can mold him into a serviceable center.  Take him four or five picks later and I love the pick.  Just not sure that you can trust him long term.

John Jenkins:  I had him as an early second rounder, but the Atlanta Hawks took him at 23.  Good shooter on a team that needs them, but not sure if he will ever get the ball.

Miles Plumlee:  Apparently the Indiana Pacers thought Tyler Hansbrough needed someone to hang out with.  Taking him at 26 is just comical.  Bad move by this team.

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Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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