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Andy Katz Says Jared Sullinger Has “Bulging Dicks” In His Back

Andy Katz is going to get made fun of for awhile now.  He was talking about the back injury surrounding Jared Sullinger before the 2012 NBA Draft when he called the injury “bulging dicks” instead of “bulging discs.”

Andy Katz is not the first person to screw up while saying this and he will not be the last guy.  I am still in shock that people try to say that on live TV.  You are going to screw it up, so choose something else.  Bulging discs is an easy phrase to screw up.

I think the best part about this screw up was being online when it happened.  Twitter erupted in laughter over the incident with good reason.  Most people are still pretty immature, so this screw up is perfect humor for people like me.  Always need something to lighten the mood during the draft.

Andy Katzy is never going to live this down.  The draft is a big deal this year and a lot of people were watching.  He is going to have trouble explaining this screw up.  It is an easy one to make but you think he would be guarded against this by now.  You got to practice saying it before you use it on air.

This will probably not be the only screw up of the draft.  Expect more people to say stupid things on air and the Internet will love it.  This is the best time of year.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.