Denver Nuggets Look to be Major Players in Tonight’s NBA Draft

By Derek Kessinger

With the 20th pick in the draft and two picks late in the second round, the Denver Nuggets have a lot of options heading into tonight’s NBA Draft. With teams looking to trade out of the top ten, the Nuggets could be in the running for the Charlotte Bobcats’ number two pick or Golden State Warrior’s number seven. The Nuggets also may decide to trade for an established player, since the team has a full bench.

When the Denver Nuggets pushed the envelope in the their first round series against the Los Angeles Lakers this year, they suddenly provided hope for a bright future. Down three games to one, the Nuggets won back-to-back games, including a huge blowout win in game six that saw the Nuggets take a 90-68 lead after three quarters. While they ultimately lost the lead and the series in the fourth quarter of game seven, the Nuggets showed they have the talent to compete in the west.

The Denver Nuggets may keep the number 20 pick as they have had luck recently in the middle of the first round. Ty Lawson was the 18th overall pick and Kenneth Faried was the 22nd pick. Both have the ability to progress to high levels in the NBA and had strong first round series against the Lakers. Additionally, the Nuggets have Josh Hamilton and Julian Stone on their bench, who they regard highly.

If the Nuggets were to trade one of their own players, they probably would try and relieve bottlenecks at both small forward and center. At center, the Nuggets have Timofey Mozgov, Kosta Koufas and hope to bring back Javale McGee. In the small forward category they have Wilson Chander, Corey Brewer and Danilo Gallinari as well as a deep bench that can rotate into that position.

The Nuggets are a team with possibilities looking to develop. Do they trust that Lawson, Faried, Arron Afflalo, Gallinari and McGee are future stars or are they willing to take a chance on finding a new star high in the draft? Either way, they continue to show that they won the Carmelo Anthony trade.

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