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Los Angeles Lakers Look to Get Top 10 Pick for Pau Gasol

It is no secret that the Los Angeles Lakers have been shopping Pau Gasol to other teams for about a year. Now sources have said that the Lakers are willing to get rid of Gasol for a player and a top 10 pick. This move may seem surprising since general manager Mitch Kupchak said there would be no major moves this offseason.

The problem the Lakers are going to have is that they want a team that picks up Gasol to also take on most of Gasol’s $38 million he has left on his contract. A team like the Houston Rockets may be the best option for a trade as they have been making moves to get plenty of draft picks to make a deal on draft day. The consensus has been that they are preparing to make a move for Dwight Howard; however, don’t count out on them making a move for Gasol. They were going to obtain Gasol last offseason as part of a three-team trade until the trade was nixed by the NBA.

The Lakers handling of Gasol has not been done well and this move seems questionable at best. Gasol is one of the best big men in the league and the Lakers are willing to give him up for an unproven top 10 draft pick. Say what you want about the Lakers big man, but he still averaged 17 points and 10 rebounds a game last season. The Lakers can’t just get rid of him for the sake of getting rid of him. He is one of the strengths of the team and if the Lakers can’t find the right move they should hang onto him.


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