NBA Rumors: Atlanta Hawks Could Trade Al Horford For Number Two Pick In 2012 NBA Draft

By Riley Schmitt

The latest NBA rumors out there are focusing on the Atlanta Hawks and Al Horford.  The latest rumor has Horford headed to the Charlotte Bobcats for the second pick in the 2012 NBA Draft.  This would help the Hawks cut some salary and they would pick up a cheap replacement for Horford.

I think this deal would make a lot of sense for both teams.  The Hawks are stuck in basketball hell, as they have no chance to win a title with the roster.  If you move Horford and then trade Josh Smith for picks, you clear up some roster space to fill with new picks.  Amnesty Joe Johnson and you take a money hit, but you also clear up a new wave of talent to take over.

This works for the Bobcats, as they would get an All-Star center.  There is no guarantee the guy that they take with the second pick ever becomes an All-Star.  With the moves they have had this offseason, they might just scare a couple of teams in the Eastern Conference.  Adding Horford at least gives them a quality post player under control.

The Bobcats are apparently entertaining five offers for the second pick, but I think this could be the best of the bunch.  You get a young center on reasonable contract.  He is an All-Star type guy and gives you desperately needed front court help.  The Hawks get younger and cheaper.  Win-win for both teams if you ask me.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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