NBA Rumors: Boston Celtics Trying To Trade Up For Austin Rivers

By Michael Terrill

The Boston Celtics are trying to make a last minute effort to trade up in the 2012 NBA Draft to select Duke guard Austin Rivers, son of head coach Doc Rivers.

The problem the Celtics are facing is it will take quite a bit of haggling to get in the top 10, which is where Rivers is expected to go. Currently, Boston has the No. 21 and No. 22 picks, which they are more than comfortable parting ways with in order to secure Rivers.

Celtics general manger Danny Ainge has apparently kept a close eye on Rivers in the hopes of being able to draft him. Ainge does not appear to be worried about the possibility of son clashing with father on the basketball court. What he is worried about is giving up too much for the so-called point guard. Any team willing to part ways with a top 10 pick is going to want more than just late round selections. The Celtics are not looking to give up any more than that and they certainly are not going to trade Avery Bradley, who is coming off a solid sophomore season.

The other problem Boston is facing is other teams see what they see in Rivers, a rookie guard who has the potential to be great in the NBA. I personally believe he will not slip out of the top 10, especially considering the New Orleans Hornets have the 10th pick. Drafting Anthony Davis and Rivers in the same round would be a sure way to rebound after losing Chris Paul and experiencing a dismal season.

First and foremost, I can guarantee Rivers would like to play for his father in Boston, however, the idea of playing in New Orleans certainly appeals to him.

“That would be amazing,” Rivers said. “I had a great work out there. I love (coach) Monty Williams and (general manager) Dell Demps, everyone there. It’s a great city. I’m actually really good friends with Anthony. We’ve already created a little chemistry. It would be really neat to play there with a team on the rise. Eric Gordon is going to be an All-Star in a couple of years. I’d be really excited if that happens.”

Rivers has created quite the buzz around him in the last couple months since the March Madness tournament ended. Since then he has worked out with several teams and impressed each one of them. Now it is just a matter of needs for the franchises with the top 10 picks.

As far as the Celtics trading up to select Rivers, it remains to be seen whether it will happen. I would like to believe Ainge can pull something off and give Doc the best gift a father could ask for, but he certainly is not going to give up more than he feel it is worth. I personally do not see how Boston pulls this trade off without giving up too much. Not to mention, with the possibility of Kevin Garnett leaving town the Celtics will have to go big in this draft.

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