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NBA Rumors: Chicago Bulls To Draft Tyshawn Taylor?

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The 2012 NBA Draft is just a mere six hours away so reports about teams drafting players are leaking out.  The latest NBA rumors have the Chicago Bulls drafting Tyshawn Taylor with the 29th pick in the draft.  The report said that the Bulls look at Taylor as a backup to Derrick Rose.

As a Bulls fan, I am appalled by this move if it happens.  Taylor’s game is so incredibly frustrating to watch.  I fail to see how he fits on the Bulls.  He doesn’t fill the role of a shooting guard and he’s going to be too ball dominant to be much of a factor.

I suspect that the Bulls could be using this as a smokescreen to cover up their love for Orlando Johnson or Will Barton.  The Bulls drafting Taylor will anger a lot of fans.  He simply does not fit any of the needs that the Bulls have.  I would much rather see the team draft a shooter and sign a point guard for the minimum.  Heck, I wouldn’t mind them trading back into the second round and picking up a point guard there.  Just say no to Tyshawn.

Hopefully this is all a ruse designed to distract people.  If the Bulls are seriously set in drafting Tyshawn Taylor, they will have some explaining to do to their fans.  It is not a move that is going to be popular and I have my doubts that it will ever be a good move.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.