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Perry Jones Likely To Fall In Draft After Uncovered Knee Issue

Baylor forward Perry Jones had high hopes coming into Thursday’s NBA Draft, but apparently uncovered knee issues could be the reason he falls from a top 15 pick to the early 20’s.

Ohio State forward Jared Sullinger is currently watching his draft stock plummet after multiple doctors revealed his back will have a hard time holding up at the next level. Sullinger was expected to go in the top 10 but now he is not even invited to the draft day green room.

The same thing could very likely happen to Jones as a few team physicians claim his knee could be a severe problem down the road where he will most likely need surgery. However, other doctors have come forth with different opinions. This means the exact severity of Jones’ knee is still in question; therefore, it is impossible to say if he will indeed fall in the draft. Some teams will likely take a chance on him if he is available at one of the later picks, which seems to be the same consensus with Sullinger.

Jones is considered to be a lottery pick due to his incredible size and athleticism. The 6-foot-11, 234 pound Jones is surprisingly quick for a man his size and has excellent ball-handling skills. His quickness and mobility also make him hard to defend which is a solid attribute to have in the NBA. He already has a decent jump shot and all signs point to him improving on it once he is at the professional level.

The one frustrating part of his game is how inconsistent he is. Jones does not have a go-to move that he can use every game and there are times when he will go a stretch without contributing.  He will need to work on his post skills and rebounding and building muscle tone will be a must if he wants to go head-to-head with most players in the league.

Last season with Baylor, Jones averaged 13.5 points, 7.6 rebounds, 1.3 assists, 0.6 blocks, and 0.8 steals per game while shooting 50.0% from the field and 69.6% from the free-throw line.