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Philadelphia 76ers Forward Elton Brand Struggles At Soccer

Elton Brand of the Philadelphia 76ers is not exactly a guy who looks like he would be good at other sports. He confirmed that while playing in a soccer game hosted by Steve Nash. Brand somehow shanked a kick right into the face of Mike Dunleavy of the Milwaukee Bucks.

I think it is great that Elton Brand decided to play in this game, but I think he should immediately retire from soccer.  I am no soccer star myself, but I tend to know what direction the ball is going to go.  That ball looked like a horrible drive from an amateur golfer.  It was going straight right the second it left Brand’s foot.

At least Dunleavy seemed like a good sport about it.  I can’t imagine that taking a soccer ball square to the face feels good, but he seemed okay with it.  Either that or he was afraid to get near Elton Brand after that shank.  Never know when Elton could be going to shake hands and end up punching you in the face.

Elton Brand might not be a Sixer next year, but at least he has provided some great moments.  He is a good candidate for the amnesty clause, even if he is a good veteran presence on the team.  If he ends up being upset about getting cut by the team, he can always bring a bag of soccer balls to the practice facility and start kicking them.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.