Phoenix Suns Players Steve Nash And Jared Dudley Perform Star Wars Parody

Steve Nash might be leaving the Phoenix Suns this offseason, but he is certainly leaving his mark on the team. Before he leaves, Nash decided to perform a Star Wars parody with teammate Jared Dudley with Steve joining the Dark Side.

This is why I love Steve Nash so much.  He is generally a funny guy and this parody proves it.  It takes a lot of skill to be able to do something like this and not make it look stupid.  This is a perfect example of pulling something off with a lot of skill.

Dudley is also a fun loving guy so this works out perfectly.  Just based off of this, I hope Steve Nash re-signs with the Suns so we can get more videos like this.  It is a great thing to see and it should give their fans a bunch of laughs.  I know that I spent a lot of time watching this thing.

They really embraced the Star Wars theme with this and I love how they showed Steve Nash going over to the Dark Side.  I wonder if that is not a metaphor for him becoming a free agent.  If it is, that is brilliantly done and whoever came up with the idea deserves a medal.  That is how funny this skit really is.

Steve Nash will have a lot of suitors in free agency but I know that Suns fans hope he can resist the temptation of the Dark Side/new teams.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.