2012 NBA Draft: Breaking Down Marquis Teague Of The Chicago Bulls

By Riley Schmitt

The 2012 NBA Draft is in the books, which means it is time for some player analyzation.  The Chicago Bulls picked at number 29 and many believed they were pegging a shooting guard.  However, point guard Marquis Teague of Kentucky fell down the board.  The Bulls made a solid selection but there will be some things to watch.

Marquis Teague played on a loaded Kentucky team, which may have deadened his stats a bit.  Teague averaged a little over 32 minutes a game and he scored 10.0 points and averaged 4.8 assists in those minutes.  On the downside, Teague also averaged 2.7 turnovers, which means his A/TO ratio is going to need to drop for him to be successful.

I watched a lot of Kentucky games last year and noticed some things that Teague will have to work on.  At times, he can play too fast.  It is great to see a point guard trying to break down the defense on the break, this sometimes got Teague into trouble and resulted in turnovers.  His jumper is erratic at best, which means teams are going to be playing off of him at first.

Luckily for Teague, he was very effective at getting to the rim, although he did struggle at times finishing.  His floater needs work, but with a first step like he has, it is going to be hard for him not to find some success.

While the Bulls wait for Derrick Rose to recover from an ACL injury, Marquis Teague is going to get a chance to play.  He might end up being the only point guard on the roster.  Look for the Bulls to try to make a minimum signing (Jason Kidd or Kirk Hinrich) to bring Teague along for the first couple of months.  I expect Teague to start for a couple months until Rose gets back.

Marquis Teague could end up being a very successful backup point guard for the Bulls.  He is going to struggle a bit at first, but his talent should lead to some great moments for the team next year.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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