2013 NBA Mock Draft: An Early Look At Next Year's Talent

By Riley Schmitt

The 2012 NBA Draft is in the books, so it is a perfect time for a 2013 NBA Mock Draft.  I mean, who does not love a good mock draft.  The draft order is based off of last year’s order, so this is certainly subject to change.

1.  Nerlens Noel, C,  Kentucky, Charlotte Bobcats:  The Bobcats certainly need a center and Noel could be a better version of Anthony Davis.  He makes shot blocking an art form.

2.  Cody Zeller, C, Indiana,  Washington Wizards:  The Wizards are going to need a center at some point and with Noel off the board, Zeller is a perfect fit.  He makes his brother look like a chump.

3.  James McAdoo, PF, North Carolina,  Cleveland Cavaliers:  McAdoo is a perfect fit next to Tyler Zeller and he gives the backcourt a guy to throw awesome lobs to.

4.  Shabazz Muhammad, SF, UCLA,  New Orleans Hornets:  A Rivers/Gordon/Muhammad/Aminu/Davis lineup will be devastating in a few years.  Great fit at small forward.

5.  Adonis Thomas, SF, Memphis,  Sacramento Kings:  The Kings need a small forward and Thomas should be the best one in the draft after Muhammad.  Fits a big need for the team.

6.  Steven Adams, C, Pittsburgh,  Brooklyn Nets:  I doubt the Nets get Dwight Howard, so a big center like Adams is a good fit on a roster that needs a true center.

7.  Tony Mitchell, PF, North Texas,  Golden State Warriors.  I like the fit of Mitchell playing off of Andrew Bogut.  Should be able to work a good in and out post game with those two up front.

8.  Kentavious Caldwell, SG, Georgia,  Toronto Raptors:  This would actually be a smart pick for the Raptors. A solid shooting guard on a team that needs him.

9.  BJ Young, PG, Arkansas,  Detroit Pistons:  Lot of bigs available, but I think the Pistons look for a backcourt guy for the future here.

10.  Rudy Gobert, C, France,  Minnesota Timberwolves:  The T’Wolves finally get their big center as Gobert should be a great complement to Kevin Love.

11.  Alex Poythress, SF, Kentucky,  Portland Trail Blazers:  Fills a need for the team as Portland slowly rebuilds the roster into something not awful.

12.  Alex Len, C, Maryland,  Milwaukee Bucks:  An actual true center for Milwaukee, instead of the 9000 power forwards that they have on the roster.

13.  Alec Brown, C, Wisconsin-Green Bay,  Phoenix Suns:  A legit center for Kendall Marshall to play with.  Him and Gortat should be able to play off of each other.

14.  CJ McCollum, PG, Lehigh,  Houston Rockets:  Think he could be a perfect scorer off the bench right away on a team that needs some offensive pop.

15.  Isaiah Canann, PG, Murray State,  Philadelphia 76ers:  Fits in great with the athletic roster in place and he’s not a complete clone of someone already on the roster.

16.  Trevor Mbakwe, PF, Minnesota,  New York Knicks:  Amare insurance and a good guy to add defensive toughness to the roster.

17.  DeShaun Thomas, SF, Ohio State,  Dallas Mavericks:  An extra scorer never hurts and will get plenty of chances playing with Dirk.

18.  Myck Kabongo, PG, Texas,  Utah Jazz:  Adds good guard depth and preps for when Devin Harris decides to pack up and leave.

19.  Ryan Harrow, PG, Kentucky,   Orlando Magic:  Jameer Nelson is on his way out, so it is a good pick for the future.

20.   Mason Plumlee, PF, Duke,   Denver Nuggets:  Nuggets need a big and Plumlee is one of the best still available.

21.  Andre Roberson, SF, Colorado,   Boston Celtics  Gives the Celtics an heir to the throne of Paul Pierce.

22.  Reggie Bullock, SG, North Carolina,   Los Angeles Clippers:   The search for a two guard continues and Bullock should help space the floor.

23.  Patric Young, PF, Florida,   Atlanta Hawks:  Young fills in for Josh Smith and should look nice next to Al Horford

24.  Deonte Burton, PG, Nevada,   Los Angeles Lakers:  A point guard for a team that has been looking for one for years.

25.  CJ Leslie, PF, North Carolina State,   Memphis Grizzlies:  A guy to groom to take over for Z-Bo.  Not a great pick but it fills a need.

26.  Ian Miller, PG, Florida State,  Indiana Pacers:   Pacers need a point guard and Miller is highly underrated.

27.  Dario Saric, SF, Croatia,   Miami Heat:  Draft and stash pick so the Heat do not waste any cap space.

28.  Jamaal Franklin, SG, San Diego State,  Oklahoma City Thunder:   A shooting guard in case James Harden decides to take his talent else where.

29.  Tim Hardaway Jr, SG, Michigan,   Chicago Bulls:  A shooting guard that can create his own shot.  A noble concept in Chicago.

30.  Jeff Withey, C, Kansas,   San Antonio Spurs:  A big body to add some post depth for a team starting to turn the roster over.

So there is my 2013 NBA Mock Draft.  I am sure plenty of things will change in the next 364 days or, but let us know what you think in the comment section.  Never too soon to project the future.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.   

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