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NBA Draft: Los Angeles Lakers select Robert Sacre with No. 60 pick

With the sixtieth pick in the 2012 NBA Draft, the Los Angeles Lakers selected Robert Sacre, center out of Gonzaga.

With their pick of all prospects that the teams with the first 59 picks opted to pass on, the Lakers took a flyer on the former Gonzaga big man. Measuring in at 7’0’’, 263 pounds, Sacre will give the purple and gold some insurance in the paint with the potential to develop into a quality backup. He’s a solid shooter with above-average range for a seven-footer. Sacre boasts good length, which makes him a terrific shot blocker and serviceable rebounder.

Sacre’s rawness and lack of elite athleticism, however, makes him a not-so-exciting NBA prospect. His lateral quickness is average at best and he doesn’t have the agility to defend most of the more-athletic centers at the next level. Although his size is promising, he’ll also need to add strength and muscle to his frame before he’s ready to see the floor for the Lakers. Put simply, he’s a project who needs at least a couple years of grooming.

Especially with big men Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum and Jordan Hill all facing uncertain futures with the Lakers, adding a player like Sacre seemed like a logical move. Although extremely raw and lacking several physical tools that most NBA starters are equipped with, Sacre is a project that could eventually pay dividends if the Lakers are patient. Then again, what else can you really expect from the last pick in the draft?

The Lakers knew that pickings would be slim at No. 60 and opted to stay near the bottom of the second round. If Sacre never makes an impact, they’ll have no one to blame but themselves.

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