NBA Draft: Washington Wizards select Bradley Beal with No. 3 pick

By Gil Alcaraz IV

With the third overall pick in the 2012 NBA Draft, the Washington Wizards selected Bradley Beal, shooting guard out of Florida.

What makes Beal is so special is his phenomenal shooting. Arguably one of the best shooters in the 2012 draft class, the former Gator has the range and accuracy that every NBA team wants from their shooting guard. Beal isn’t afraid to take the big shot and consistently comes in in the clutch. He rebounds well for a guard and has a terrific basketball IQ, which helps him on both sides of the court.

Although Beal is overflowing with positives, his lack of size could become a concern at the next level. Measuring in at 6’5’’, 202 pounds, Beal is a bit of tweener who has the scoring to be an effective shooting guard but not the frame to be a consistent defender. His tenacity helps, but he can be overwhelmed by more-physical shooting guards. He also struggles at times when pulling up off of the dribble, which he will need to improve on.

Now a Wizard, Beal will be expected to provide some offensive firepower for point guard John Wall to work with. The Washington offense was lacking in the shooting department, which makes Beal a terrific addition. If he can play up to his potential as a scoring-first two-guard, he’ll significantly upgrade the Wizards’ offense.

The Wizards are lucky to have a talent like Beal on the roster and will surely waste no time taking advantage of his exciting skill set.

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