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NBA Rumors: Brooklyn Nets Guard Jordan Farmar Intending To Opt Out Of Contract

NBA rumors are swirling as free agency is coming closer. The Brooklyn Nets have a lot to do this offseason besides from trying to re-sign point guard Deron Williams. The Nets will only have five players under contract coming into free agency. Room for improvement is always necessary.

The Nets will be without Jordan Farmar, who intends to opt out of his contract. Farmar has a playing option and if he picks it up it could be worth up to $4.25 million. Farmar is not expected to exceed what he could be owed next season on the open market. The Nets could also be on the way out with Farmar since they traded for Tyshawn Taylor at Thursday’s NBA Draft.

In May, Farmar expressed his disinterest in his role as a backup with the Nets and would like to become a starter. The Nets may just take a chance on a free agent point guard to either replace or backup Williams. The Nets could take a chance with Jason Kidd or Steve Nash who will both be looking for a new team.

The Nets’ first order of business will be taking care of the Williams business. Then the Nets will have to try and re-sign Gerald Wallace. Wallace will only stay with the Nets if Williams re-signs and it does look like Williams might come back to Brooklyn as it is the better situation for him.

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