Skip Bayless Would Not Take American Born White Players In The First Round Of The NBA Draft

By Riley Schmitt

Skip Bayless is the definition of a human troll.  His sports knowledge seems to be quite limited, but he keeps getting a platform to spew his garbage.  Friday, his quote about the NBA Draft should anger people.

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So Skip Bayless would not take white American basketball players in the first round.  Is Skip against these guys because they are white or because they are American?  Skip must think it is fine to draft white players as long as they aren’t American.  He is also fine with drafting Americans, as long as they are not white.

This is just such garbage.  There are plenty of good white American players that are worthy of first round picks.  I believe that Kevin Love was worthy of a first round pick when he was drafted.  I am pretty sure that Meyers Leonard and Tyler Zeller were worthy of being picked in the first round.  I trust scouts more than I would ever trust Bayless.

Comments like this show that there is something wrong with Skip Bayless.  If a guy is good enough to be drafted, he could be bright green for all I care.  If a player can play, it does not matter his skin color or his country.  Comments like this are just insensitive.  If a basketball team thinks a guy can help him, it should not matter what his skin color is.

End the Skip Bayless troll fest please.  It is becoming a disgrace.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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