Potential Free Agent Targets For the Toronto Raptors

By Sachin Arora

After making a bold pick with Terrence Ross in the NBA draft, the Toronto Raptors will look to make a splash in free agency with a large amount of cap flexibility and an amnesty clause. Due to Jerryd Bayless’ and Aaron Gray’s capholds they currently posses around 12 million of cap space but in reality that number is around 18 (not including rookie contracts).

It’s no secret that the Raptors are looking to make a splash in free agency, and with the negotiating period officially under-way, let’s take a look at some potential players the Raptors will go after.

Steve Nash, PG

The 38 year old iron man is one of the prized possessions of free agency, and it’s no secret that the Raps are going to push hard for Nash. The rumour has it that the Raps are offering Nash 3 years, 36 million and that would eat up most of their cap after the rookie signings and whether Bayless chooses to re-sign. Another rumour has it that Nash could announce his signing with the Raptors on Canada day. It would only be fitting.

If the Raptors do get Nash, Jose Calderon will almost 100% be amnestied in order to free up another 10 million dollars of cap.

Jerryd Bayless, PG

The  restricted free agent has already been made a qualifying offer of around 4 million dollars. He would be a great back-up to Nash, and if they don’t get Nash he deserves a shot at a starting role.

Nicolas Batum, SF

The 23 year old will certainly demand a pay day. The Portland Trail Blazers really like the kid, and it will cost a lot for them not to match an offer, as he’s a restricted free agent.

Gerald Wallace, SF

Wallace is a monster. He does everything, and would thrive under Dwane Casey’s system. Except the Raptors to make an intriguing offer to Wallace.

Jeff Green, SF

Plagued by heart problems last season, Green claims to be fully healthy, and can be an extremely effective player. If the Raptors can manage to land the former OKC stud, they could have a steal on their hands.

Ersan Ilyasova, SF

Ilyasova is another two way threat that could have break out potential under the right scenario.

Now that free agency is under way, the Raps are definitely trying to lure Nash to Toronto. After that, the pieces will come together. It will certainly be an interesting offseason, and if the pieces of the puzzle come together, it can be an extremely rewarding one.

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