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A Kirk Hinrich Reunion With The Chicago Bulls Is A Bad Move

Kirk Hinrich is rumored to make a return to the Chicago Bulls.  The man formerly known as “Captain Kirk” was a popular player in Chicago, but was moved to make room for the free agent haul of 2010.  The Bulls got Carlos Boozer out of that mess.  Yay?  Hinrich is a Bulls favorite but bringing him back is just a bad move.

Here’s the thing about Kirk Hinrich that not a lot of people get.  The smart basketball fans in Chicago know that he is bad news but the sentimental part of fans would pine for Hinrich.  Hinrich isn’t bad news in a locker room or disciplinary sense.  He is bad news in the sense that his return signals that the Bulls are mailing in the season.

Signing Kirk Hinrich shows that the Bulls do not care about trying to retool the roster.  It shows they care about the salary cap and the luxury tax.  For being one of the most profitable teams in the league, they sure don’t act like it.  Hinrich would man down both guard spots, but his return does nothing for the team long term.

Right now, I want the Bulls to dismantle.  They missed a golden opportunity to blow up the team at the draft but I think they should try to move Luol Deng and Joakim Noah.  There is no way in hell that they should re-sign Omer Asik.  If the Houston Rockets are going to offer that much money to a backup center, let them do it.

Kirk Hinrich would be a great fit to make the Bulls fans reminisce about better times.  He would also signal that the team is not serious about trying to contend for the next couple years.  Such is the life of the Bulls contingency.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.