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Boston Celtics Mickael Pietrus Wants To Return

The Boston Celtics free agent wing player Mickael Pietrus has never been shy about expressing his opinion. Pietrus was the guy that made it clear that he felt Boston was going to win an NBA title despite at the team being barely above .500. He also has expressed his love for Boston, playing with Kevin Garnett, and being in a Doc Rivers system. His latest comments should be expected as Pietrus has made it clear that his top priority is to resign in Boston and chase the title that eluded him last season.

Boston should bring Pietrus back. Pietrus is a gritty player with a lot of character. He can make the big dagger shot (2009 playoffs was a performance that killed Boston), he is a physical defender with length for his position, and he will do whatever he can to play minutes no matter how hurt that he is. His playoff performance was not great, but that was because the man was playing on one knee because he needed surgery the entire playoffs. He could have sat out, Pietrus knew Boston was thin at his position and a Pietrus at 65 percent was better than no Pietrus or Sasha Pavlovic at 100 percent. This man took the job of guarding the most physical player in the world in the Eastern Conference Finals in serious pain. One has to love that kind of competitive nature.

The bottom line Pietrus wants back in. A healthy Pietrus gives Boston a long distance shooter and a defender that can create problems for the opposing players. These types of players are not easy to find (Have the Celtics really ever replaced James Posey?) Pietrus should be a hundred percent after this surgery and this means Boston should get this deal done. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!!