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Boston Celtics Ray Allen Has Double The Reasons To Return To Boston

Boston Celtics free agent guard Ray Allen was rumored to heading out of town. However, Boston Celtics President Danny Ainge has begun to show Ray some serious love. While most of his potential suitors including the wretched team that was handed an NBA title by David Stern last year can only offer Ray about three million, Boston is offering to double those offers by giving Ray an offer of six million dollars a year on a two year deal. What this means is Ray is probably staying put in Boston.

This offer might have taken away a lot of the perceived issues Ray had in returning to Boston. Ray I am sure was hurt by the trade that never happened at the deadline, but this offer shows Ray that the Celtics really do appreciate what he can bring to the table. They did not offer a million more dollars a year, they DOUBLED the offer that he can get elsewhere. If he leaves now, it is on him because Boston showed him all the love they could. However, this should offer should get the job done. I know Ray has banked a lot of money, but NBA players have a great habit of not wanting to leave that kind of offer on the table especially if they already have an NBA title on their resumé. The signing of Kevin Garnett also should let Ray know that he is not coming back to a rebuilding situation because Boston is clearly looking to reload the gun. He is also getting a multi year deal that he wanted and that means that he does not have to worry about being traded at the deadline next year.

The only issue not resolved is the starting issue. However, there are factors to consider like he will not be going to Miami to start next year either. Doc Rivers also has a lot of faith and respect for Ray Allen and that means just because he does not start does not means that Ray will not get a lot of minutes or the important closing minutes. Ray was coming off the bench before Avery Bradley was injured and he still was closing out games and getting thirty plus minute sa night. This means the issue is not as big a deal as people think.

I believe now more than ever that Boston is bringing the band back for another run. I just cannot see Ray leaving with this kind of offer on the table. This means Boston will be getting the clutch three point shooter for a few more years. Stay tuned for more on this story as it develops. Remember Go Green or Go Home!!!!!!