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NBA Rumors: Indiana Pacers Attempting To Sign Chris Kaman

Free agency is barely two days in, which means that there are a lot of NBA rumors flying about.  The latest one surrounds the Indiana Pacers and free agent center Chris Kaman.  The two parties met Monday to discuss bringing Kaman up to Indy.

I think this move makes sense, especially because Roy Hibbert sounds like he is not coming back.  The Pacers would be wise to pass on that much money because Chris Kaman is better than people think.  He may not have a star power but he is a very effective center.  The Pacers could get him at a decent rate, which would be a steal.

Kaman has plenty of other suitors but it never hurts to make a good first impression.  Kaman and the Pacers had a great meeting, so I think that there is a lot of mutual interest between the two.  Kaman can still put up big numbers and would fit perfectly in with the Pacers.  He is not as big as Hibbert, but he can still knock down the open jumper and grab a lot of boards.

Expect more NBA rumors surrounding Chris Kaman to pop up in the coming days.  He is going to be a very popular free agent.  Size will always rule in professional basketball.  If you can get a big to dominate the post, you have a good chance of being a successful team.  Kaman can certainly turn a good team into a possible contender.

This is what is great about basketball free agency.  There are all sorts of rumors as a lot of different teams are looking for a lot of different players.  Some teams are looking for size while others need guards.  Some need to cut space while others spend recklessly.  Great fun for everyone observing.

Riley Schmitt is a writer forRant Sports.