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Boston Celtics Is The Landing Spot For Jason Terry

The Boston Celtics issues scoring at times was well documented. Boston has long been a great defensive team, but at times they just could not score the baskets needed to win. The scenario always seemed the Celtics offense would stall out as soon as the bench entered the game due to the fact Boston lacked a true scorer off the bench. If there were nights the starters were off, then Boston was in a lot of trouble. Boston Celtics President Danny Ainge must have noticed this because NBA sources are claiming that Boston is very close to bringing in veteran scorer Jason Terry of the 2011 NBA champion Dallas Mavericks with a three year deal worth 15 million dollars.

Terry is just what the Celtics need right now because he is instant offense off the bench. He is a lethal shooter from distance, can score going to the basket, and create his own shot. He can easily be the go to scorer the bench can look to get the baskets the team sorely needs while the starters rest. His fifteen points a game in his sleep off the bench is double what Boston is used to from someone off the bench.

Terry can also defend. Rick Carlisle is a great defensive coach and in order to get minutes, you have to able to play on the defensive end. Doc Rivers is twice the coach of Carlisle and this means Terry should be more than solid in his bench role. He has solid instincts, speed, and longer arms at his disposal. I also helps that Kevin Garnett is returning. Terry is a solid defender, but his best years were when he had Tyson Chandler in the middle to help deter his man from getting into the paint.

The bottom line is Boston had a need for a volume scorer off the bench. If Terry is wrapped up, then Boston filled that need. A new bench of Jeff Green, Jason Terry, a healthy Mickael Pietrus, and perhaps Ray Allen looks like a lot better than the bench that took Boston to one game of another NBA Finals berth. Stay tuned for more on this story as it develops. remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!