With The Olympics Coming Up Lebron James’s Amazing Year Could Get Even Better

By Alejandro Aviles

Lebron James is having a phenomenal 2012, but it could get even better. James won his third regular season MVP, his first NBA Championship, and the Finals MVP award; not too shabby for the guy everyone loves to hate. However, this is not the end of James’s success in 2012. With the Olympics right around the corner James has a chance to accomplish something that has not been done since Michael Jordan last did it in 1992. James could be the first player since Jordan to win the regular season MVP, NBA championship, Finals MVP, and Olympic gold medal all in the same year.

James will most definitely be selected to the U.S. Men’s Olympic basketball team. James has some experience in the International game as he won his first gold medal back in 2008 when the United States defeated Spain to capture the gold. James will be the headliner of a sure to be star studded cast that will also most likely include three-time scoring champ, Kevin Durant. James and Durant will be teammates after their thrilling five game Finals series in which the league MVP bested the league scoring champ. James is on his road to redemption and winning a gold medal for his home country would be the icing on the cake to an unbelievable year.

James dominated this entire season and he earned everything he accomplished this year. I know there are still plenty of people who are against him but after seeing the type of performance he has put on this year how can anyone deny him? It does not matter if you like James or not, but you cannot deny his talent level and you have to give respect where it is due. James silenced a lot of critics this year and he has really matured into a dominate force in the NBA. The next step will be to claim his second gold medal and really leave his imprint on a global stage.

The United States is heavily favored to win this year’s gold medal at the Olympics and as a basketball fan you cannot help but to get excited about the Olympics. I enjoy NBA rivalries as much as the next person, but it is great when all of that is put aside and rivals come together as a team on a mission to accomplish the ultimate goal for their country. The Olympics are an exciting time that only happens once every four years and that is why there is so much on the line for every Olympian. For some players this year’s Olympics could be their stepping stone to international superstardom, for others this could be their last Olympics and a final imprint on their legacy.

I hope that James and Team USA will leave everything on the court and bring another gold medal back home. An Olympic gold medal might not mean as much as an NBA championship for James, but it would certainly help the cause on his road of redemption.

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