Boston Celtics Brandon Bass Gets The Grade

Brandon Bass B

Boston Celtics forward Brandon Bass had a career year this past season and his grade reflects it. Bass averaged career highs in nearly every offensive category including scoring (12.5 per game) and rebounding (6.2 rebounds per game). The fact is Bass fit in perfectly with Boston’s offense as he moves well without the ball and has a solid mid range jump shot. These skills meant he quickly became a favorite target for point guard Rajon Rondo and Bass’s numbers jump clearly reflects Rondo’s skills to utilize talent. Double digits in scoring as the third or fourth scoring options most nights is not too shabby.

Bass also showed some solid skills on the defensive end of the floor. Bass is surprisingly athletic for a man his size and uses both his wider frame and athleticism to hold his own in man to man situations. He also uses solid instincts to get the positioning he needs to be a nuisance to his man despite his lack of height. He grasped Boston’s defensive schemes quickly and rotated well on rotations and double teams. Playing alongside Kevin Garnett will always help the defensive aspects of your game.

The reason Bass did not get an A is simply because his rebounding was wretched and he was inconsistent during the playoffs. Bass routinely would have positioning and completely mistime his jump. This helped lead to Boston being one of the worst rebounding team in the NBA. The second chance points and given up possessions cost Boston more times than not and Bass must take some of that heat.

The playoffs were a mixed bag for Bass. He had good games and real tough games. The Celtics needed him at times to deliver with his jump shot and it seemed those were the games his touch on his shot was just not there. He will need to improve on his consistency to get the job done next year no matter where he ends up.

I hope Bass does return. He clearly fits in Boston’s system and could continue to flourish with more time bonding with Rondo. I doubt he would have as much success elsewhere. However, the NBA is a business with dumb owners and GMs at times and we shall see if a team is silly enough to offer stupid money to him. Six teams are rumored to want his services. Stay tuned for more on Bass. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!