Boston Celtics Possible Jason Terry Deal Impacts More Than Bench Scoring

By Rob Nelson

The Boston Celtics are rumored to already have a deal in place for free agent guard Jason Terry. The great offensive guard helps with a bench that lacked any real offensive fire power. The impact of this signing goes beyond just adding scoring off the bench.

The first area that this signing effects is on Celtics free agent shooting guard Ray Allen. The Boston Celtics getting Jason Terry greatly impacts Boston’s chances of resigning Ray in possibly both the positive and negative. Whether the Terry deal helps or hurts these chances really depends on how Ray views this situation.

If Ray views Terry as primarily a backup point guard and another shooter off the bench than Boston is all set. The fact is Boston is a better team with Jason Terry on the roster and his presence on the floor will help Ray’s offense. Terry’s ability to score and the opposing defense’s focus on Terry will allow Ray to get more open shots because running two guys off the three point line is never easy for a defense. A small lineup with both Ray and Jason would stretch the floor and give plenty of space in the paint for Boston to operate and attack the basket.

However, should Ray view him as a backup two guard than Boston might be kissing Ray good bye. Ray coming back is already accepting a bench role that clearly hurts his pride. If he believes the Celtics are asking him to take an even lesser role than he will be playing in South Beach next year. Ray does not want to be in a situation that he is losing minutes to Terry. Granted at his age fewer minutes might help him, but Ray has too much pride in the way he has defied time by taking care of his body to not want to play at least thirty minutes a game. At least Terry is excellent insurance should Ray bolt for less Greener pastures.

However, the greatest impact of Terry coming to Boston is on the way Boston can now force a defense to play man to man at times during the critical parts of some games due to being able to sit the light shooting Rajon Rondo and play a lineup with Terry at point guard. The fact is Boston can no longer be defended with a guy playing off Rondo doubling or clogging the paint. If a team plays off Terry, the “Jet’s” offense will take off. This means the floor will be more open for guys like Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce, and possibly Ray Allen and a more fluid offense. This kind of lineup has worked for Boston before. Think back to game five of the 2008 NBA Finals. The Boston Celtics were down huge, but came roaring back to win behind a lineup with a very hot shooting Eddie House at point guard. LA could no longer play off Rondo and the Celtics offense caught fire. Terry is twice the player House is and thus this lineup might be dangerous at times.

The bottom line is bench scoring is not all Boston got. They got an insurance plan on Ray Allen, a guy that can stretch the floor, and a new way to combat the way a team defends them at the end of games. This means Boston got a lot better with Terry on board. Stay tuned for more on Boston’s off season as the moves are announced. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!

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