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NBA Rumors: Grant Hill To Join Los Angeles Lakers Or Retire?

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NBA rumors do not stop on holidays and Grant Hill is the latest player to be involved in some.  After the Steve Nash trade to the Los Angeles Lakers, Hill has decided he has two career options left.  He is either going to join Nash in LA or he is going to retire.

This deal strikes me as a bit odd.  LA is so far into the luxury tax that you need a crane to get them out.  They have a solid small forward in Metta World Peace and Kobe Bryant does not need a backup.  Seriously, the guy would play 48 if you would let him.  Hill must be happy with just spot minutes in hopes of getting that ring.

Hill is a sad tale of a basketball player.  Injuries absolutely robbed him of what was going to be an amazing career.  I was rocking the Grant Hill Detroit Pistons jersey back in the day and then he went to the Orlando Magic.  That is where his career went to die as he spent more time off the court than on it.  It was not until he went to the Phoenix Suns that he gained some health.

I think Hill would be a great bench guy to have and a guy to provide even more sage advice to a team.  Then again, if you add Hill, you basically are asking to have a medic follow you around.  Without the Suns training staff, I would not be shocked if Hill gets hurt again.

A lot of basketball players would love to see Hill get a ring.  Fans everywhere love how he has fought back from injuries and would be happy for the man to get his title.  Hill has the chance or he could ride off into the sunset.  Either way would mark a great end for a fantastic career.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.