Steve Nash Agrees To Trade To The Los Angeles Lakers

By Joshua Casey

In one of the more shocking moves of the off-season free-agent point guard Steve Nash has agreed to a sign-and-trade that will send him from the Phoenix Suns to the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers were viewed as probably the last time who would be able to acquire Nash, due to the Toronto Raptors, New York Knicks, and Dallas Mavericks ability to present Nash with more enticing offers.

The deal, which has been agreed upon by both sides and cannot become official and signed until July 11th, would send Nash to the Lakers in exchange for a 2013, and 2015 first-round pick, a 2012 and 2014 second-round pick, and reportedly $3 million in cash considerations. The deal for Nash is for three-years worth $25 million and may come with a few extra incentives for the Lakers bench.

The Lakers, who have long coveted Grant Hill may now get their wish. Nash is reportedly trying his hardest to convince Hill to come and join him as a member of the Lakers. Hill would probably be coming off the bench unless the Lakers are now able to convince Dwight Howard to come to L.A, a deal that would reportedly sendLakers starting small forward Metta World Peace to the Orlando Magic, along with Andrew Bynum.

As for how the Nash deal went down, multiple people have reported that there were multiple factors involved with Nash’ decision. The first, and most important factor to Nash, was staying close to his kids, who currentlylive in Phoenix. The second, and third factors were money and the chance to play for an NBA championship. Nash, who early on the day was reportedly leaning towards the New York Knicks, was ultimately convinced when Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant made a huge push to try and convince him to join forces with him.

Apparently Kobe can convince nearly anyone to play with him because it worked for a player who had said about a month ago that it would be pretty hard for him to put on a Lakers uniform and join a team that had caused him so much heartbreak. Additionaly Nash made a desperate plea to Suns owner Robert Sarver to send him to a team which met all of his criteria, even if it was the division rival Lakers. Sarver did not like the fact of sending Nash to the Lakers but adhered to Nash’ wishes because of all he had done for the franchise.


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