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Brandon Bass Agrees To Three Year Deal To Stay With Boston Celtics

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Brandon Bass will be staying with the Boston Celtics after all.  There were rumors that the free agent forward was going to be involved in a sign and trade deal, but he has signed a new three year deal with the team.

Brandon Bass had a really good year for the Celtics and he benefited a lot from playing with Kevin Garnett.  He was surprisingly effective rebounder and his offensive numbers were very good.  He even played something resembling defense, which is a plus.  The return of Bass basically means the team is bringing back their entire core from last season.

The Celtics might be the only team in the East who can take out the Miami Heat.  They gave them everything they could handle this past season and they could easily do the same in the coming years.  If Ray Allen decides to stay with the team, they are going to be very deep and very talented.  That is always a good combination to have in the playoffs.

This might be one of the least surprising signings of the offseason.  The only way that I saw Brandon Bass getting moved was in a deal for OJ Mayo.  That never ended up happening so it is smart to bring him back to Boston.  He just had his best season and he seems to be getting better.  That is always a plus.

This move looks like a real winner for the Celtics.  The goal of taking out Miami still remains.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.